I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

Acts 13:47


We exist to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by encouraging and equipping saints to edify one another and to evangelize the lost. This is our mission and process for discipleship. Out of this, Christ-centered multiplication is the result of discipleship, replicating Christ in others. One of the ways we pursue and live out this discipleship trait is through supporting and sending out missionaries to be messengers of reconciliation in a variety of contexts.

Missions isn't reserved for spiritual "superstars." It doesn't only occur in the remote parts of the world. And it doesn't just mean preaching. God tells us to bring good news to those living in the darkness of life without Jesus. Using the unique gifts and talents God has gifted us with, we show others God's love both in word and deed. We can do that here - in workplaces, in neighborhoods, in the city - wherever God calls us. What can you do? In addition to being a missionary right where you are, short-term and long-term opportunities with local, regional, national and international ministries abound. These opportunities are limited only by lack of faith and imagination. 
The Biegerts live in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, serving with  Bible Centered Ministries (BCM) International at Missionary Retreat Fellowship.
The Odicios live in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, serving with Bible Centered Ministries (BCM) Latino Ministries, a division of BCM International.

The Brennans  live in Nonoai, Brazil and serve with Bible Education Association Ministries (BEAM).

The Thompsons live in Wells, Vermont, serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship.
The Hawks live in Madrid, Spain, serving with Baptist World Mission.
The Piers live in Irasburg, Vermont and serve with Covered Bridge Therapeutic Communities.

The Ross's live in Scottsdale, Arizona, serving with Trans World Radio.

The Lawrences live in Hixson,TN serving with the International Board of Jewish Missions (IBJM).
The Faris family lives in Bangor, Maine and is serving with Desert Springs Ministries.
The Nairs live in Trivandrum, India and serve with People's Baptist Ministries of India.
The Rancans live Africa serving with Central Missionary Clearinghouse.
The Dennisons live in Manila, Philippines and serve with Titus International.
Roger Bailey has served with Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Mission) and is now retired, living in Brazil.

Ernest and Ruth Hickman

The Hickmans have served with TEAM and are now retired, living in the State of Washington.