Christian Karate Plus Sponsored: Nunchaku Course

Saturday, March 25, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.     Gymnasium

Law enforcement officer ($30)
Military ($30)
Veteran ($30)
Martial Arts Practitioner ($40, uniformed participation)
Present or Former Christian Karate Plus Student ($25)
Other ($45) 
Day of Event ($50)

This three-hour comprehensive hands-on course on the use of the nunchaku in self defense will be presented by master instructor, Stephen Jones. This course for Police, Military, Martial Artists, and interested citizens will cover:

  • Okinawan Palace Guard nunchaku techniques
  • How to make and use nunchaku
  • locks and holds demonstrated and taught
  • Nunchaku patterned after those used by the Okinawan Palace Guard offered for sale
  • free set to first 20 students to register.

About your instructor: Stephen W. Jones, Danville, Vermont

Mr. Jones is founder of Christian Karate Plus and Kyun Do Ryu (Way of Truth School) established in 1992 and receiving ryu certification in 1997. Mr. Jones is a police academy graduate, a former police officer and instructor and a formerly certified AAU referee. He was the first police officer in Ohio to be certified to use the nunchaku as a service weapon. Mr. Jones is ranked in the following styles.

Soke - Kyun Do Ryu - Christian Karate Plus

5th Dan - Karate - Kwanmukan, Sensei (Renshi)

4th Dan - Kenpo Karate - Jujitsu- Gospel Martial Arts Union

4th Dan - Tae Kwon Do, U.S. Chung Do Kwan, Master Ranking

2nd Black Sash - Temple Chinese Boxing

1st Dan - Judo

Certified Master Instructor - Gospel Martial Arts Union

Certified Master Instructor - Temple Chinese Boxing