Find Your Community

Every week, adults from UBC gather together to connect with one another, hear the word of God taught, and apply it to their lives. This fellowship and encouragement happens in many arenas, and there is always a way to become more involved with UBC. Click on one of the areas below to read more detail about what is offered in our FAITH Groups as well as our Men's and Women's Ministries.

FAITH Groups

Individuals and families get together weekly to discuss the sermon, pray together, and encourage one another. Our FAITH Groups (Small groups) are the way we choose to reach out in evangelism, provide member care, and develop leadership.


Today’s culture casts a view of manhood that goes to extremes; distorting and hiding the true definition of what it means to be a man. We know there is a lot of confusion today. We invite men to join us as we walk through life and learn about true manhood through biblically-based relationships with other men who love Jesus and their families. Our desire is to see every man who longs to live for Jesus do life alongside other men to learn and live what manhood is all about with all of its challenges. This, in turn, allows us to face our culture and lead ourselves, our families and communities in love, honor and truth. Mentoring and discipleship take place through various venues here at UBC. We believe more in relationships than we do in programs. Contact Pastor Clifton at if you are interested. 


We believe that God has made every woman for a purpose (your gender is no accident) and He has also given you gifts and abilities which are to be used in service of Him and in the spread of the gospel for His glory and our good. We invite women attending UBC to connect more deeply with Christ and His definition of womanhood. This allows us to stand firm in the midst of all the messages from our culture and to nourish life in our families and communities with love and truth. Connection and discipleship take place in many different ways at UBC. We believe in cultivating relationships more than creating programs because we believe God works in the small spaces of life. If you have questions or want to get connected with the Ladies Ministry further, you can contact either Marylin Williams or Christie Russell.